Humanities & Sciences Labs


Physics Lab

The Engineering Physics Lab of the department

was established in the year 2008. The laboratory

is fully equipped and meets the requirement of
the syllabus prescribed by VTU for B.E. I year students.


Physics Lab

The laboratory consists of the experiments related to
electrical, electronics, mechanics, optics etc. We provide in
hand experience to make students understand the various concepts
of Physics useful in Engineering, which will also help them in their
career endeavors.

Chemistry Lab

Established in 2008, we are one of the departments in the

campus. The mission of the Department of Chemistry at NIT is

to make significant contributions to chemistry education, research,

and practice.   The chemistry department laboratory has a state

of the art infrastructure, instrumentation facility and research interest. The laboratory is equipped
with standard instruments such as potentiometer, conductometer, pH meter etc.,

Chemistry Lab

The laboratory is also equipped with standard instruments such as

colorimeter, flame photometer, weighing balance and consumables

from standard company such as Merck,

Spectrochem, Nice, etc. Graduates are expected to obtain a broad
understanding of chemistry and learn to think critically and
communicate effectively in oral and written forms. The rigorous
curriculum provides hands-on experiences with modern

experimental and instrumentation, preparing students to

enter industry or graduate and professional programs.